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HCBI Training Course


Anatomy and Medical Terminology | ICD-10-CM | CPT Lectures | CPC Review | Live Sessions | Mock Exams

  1. Full access to the online training course
  • 29 hours of lectures
  • 50 hours of quizzes, CPC Reviews and Mock Exams
  • 21 hours of Rationalization (Quizzes and CPC Reviews)
  • 32 hours of live Sessions (Mentoring & Mock Rationalization)

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CPC Online Training - Anatomy and Medical Terminology Course

Anatomy and Medical Terminology

The Anatomy and Medical Terminology videos is designed to familiarize the student with the language of medicine, through the study of prefixes, suffixes, root words, abbreviation, and pronunciation of words. The videos also includes an overview of anatomy and physiology in order to increase the understanding of medical vocabulary and prepare students to better understand spoken and written interactions in all medical environments.


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