What our graduates say about HCBI

Jhan Jester Solmoro

"I recommend HCBI for anyone wanting to get into the vast coding world. HCBI has the BEST teachers and mentors I have ever encountered! Their lessons still stick with me today. They show how they put their heart into their job and want every student to pass their board exams! They are fully devoted and passionate to their craft! I learned so much l passed my exam on the first attempt, and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without them! "

- Toni Lavoie, HCBI Student
currently based and working in USA.

Jhan Jester Solmoro

" Medical Coding has obviously been one of the most promising jobs that many young professionals are interested with. They are most probably seeking for options on how to have a good start. I am a proud alumnus and I highly recommend aspiring students to take the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) course at Healthcare Coding and Billing Institute (HCBI). They offer formal classroom training which will develop students to perform at their best. They have instructional audiovisual materials that will definitely enhance the students' knowledge. They provide hands on CPC-style practice examinations, and will teach you test taking strategies. They extend their availability through mentoring sessions which are available to all students especially to those who need the most help. This is the best way to start your Medical Coding career! "

- Jhan Jester Solmoro, CIC, CPC
Magna Cum Laude

Arianne Lat

" HCBI gave me the opportunity to find a new career path. I was a finance graduate with no medical background but with their effective teaching strategies I was able to pass the CPC examination and even became a cum laude. Within a month of coming back to the US, I got hired by one of the best medical centers in Washington, USA even without any experience. I am very thankful that I was able to enroll and complete my CPC Training with HCBI, so I decided to enroll my siblings to their training program as well. "

- Arianne Lat, CPC
Based in Washington, USA

Gerald Blanza

" I'm grateful to HCBI for all the assistance they've given me to pass my CPC exam. They are committed to help their students. Their curriculum is well designed to ensure that their students will pass the exam. Their instructors are knowledgeable of their topics; and are always willing to lend a hand. And I'm sure I can count on them for assistance in my future endeavors. I have made the right choice in choosing HCBI. "

- Wilma Esteban, RN, CPC-A
Magna Cum Laude

testimonials-john louie nequinto

" HCBI really helped me to pursue my new career path that leads to better job opportunities. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to further their education or planning to start a new career and make positive changes in their lives, this is the place to go! "

- John Louie Nequinto, RN, CPC-A
Magna Cum Laude

testimonials-john louie nequinto

" When I heard HCBI is having its first Medical Coding class in Cebu, I enrolled without second thoughts as they have established history for success in Manila. I chose HCBI because they offer flexibility – I needed to accommodate my hectic work schedule and have the time to study the course material. The online classes HCBI offers is an accelerated format that jumpstarts your way into Medical Coding. It is also nice to have access to well experienced professional instructors who genuinely care about you and who understand and respect that you are also working. I learned more than I expected I would. I’d like to thank HCBI for being very accommodating and providing a good experience in learning about Medical Coding. I’m happy to say that with the support of HCBI, I’m now a AAPC Certified Professional Coder. "

- Lyle Martin DSouza, CPC - A
HCBI Online CPC Training Course Student in Cebu

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